John Brokking CPA has been providing accounting, business advisory, and tax services to its clients in Cobourg and Eastern Ontario for over 20 years. He is a Hardworking, energetic and a team player with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities as well as excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. John provides extensive experience and knowledge of accounting skills and personal income tax principles to all clients.

From the beginning of his career, he has been building deep relationships leading to his clients viewing him as their trusted advisor and central resource, whether it is traditional accounting and tax services or advice as they examine the performance of their business. He listens to their questions and crafts a strategy that provides direction.  He understands the importance of having profit and growth specialists working on your issues. John welcomes the challenges and values of your business.

His Approach

John Brokking CPA strives to provide the highest level of service and customized tax adviceJohn Brokking looks beyond the numbers to explore the unique challenges facing you. He works with you on a proactive basis to find solutions to challenges.

Going the extra mile to unearth unexplored opportunities exceeds the client’s expectations.

He communicates in a jargon-free language that brings clarity to complex business, accounting, audit and taxation issues. He is accessible to address your queries promptly and efficiently.

As your profit and growth specialists, he helps you grow your business to maximize the return on your business investment.

You will have Experts Working on your Business and Personal Issues

John works with a host of professionals with hands-on expertise in every aspect of your business. Open dialogue brings the best minds to each engagement opportunity to ensure you receive the best strategic insight and solution.

By working with other professionals, we consistently offer dynamic solutions and services that are strategic, creative, and timely. This partnership approach creates enduring business value. A value that far exceeds the sum of its parts.

Call Today to Gain from Experience

The business world today is a maze of complex issues and challenges covering budgets, risk management, regulatory compliance, financial and operations issues. John Brokking can help you to simplify the process so you can direct more of your resources toward growing your business and improving your profit.

His extensive expertise in different industries and strategic focus on personalized services and solutions is why clients see John as their trusted advisor.